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Imaging Insights in Alzheimer’s Disease
ASRT Approved   (1.25 Credit)
Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is the most common cause of dementia. It is characterized by neurodegenerative changes associated with early deficits in memory that progress to other cognitive domains and functioning ability. A major impediment to the ...
Cardiac MRI for Imaging of Pediatric Pericardial Disease
ASRT Approved   (1 Credit)
Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is a proven safe and noninvasive imaging modality for pediatric and adult patients. Cardiac MRI (CMR) in pediatric heart disease is rapidly becoming a preferred method of noninvasive imaging because of its use of stro ...
Fluoroscopy in Endovascular Neurosurgery
ASRT Approved   (1 Credit)
Stroke and other neurovascular diseases are leading causes of death and disability worldwide. Endovascular neurosurgery provides several minimally invasive techniques to treat vascular diseases of the central nervous system with faster recovery and l ...
Nuclear Medicine Dose Reduction: Wise and Gentle Imaging
ASRT Approved   (1.25 Credit)
Nuclear medicine studies provide functional, physiological and molecular insights into the diagnosis, staging, restaging, and assessment of treatment efficacy in adults and children. Multiple practice guidelines and appropriate use criteria have been ...
Applications of MRI (Format: audio slide presentation)
ASRT Approved   (0.75 Credit)
The goal of this continuing education program is to educate magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) technologists on the various applications for MRI in the clinical and diagnostic setting. After viewing this presentation, participants will gain an understa ...
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Courses are ASRT approved for Category A ARRT credit for participation by Radiologic Technologists (RTs), Radiographers, and Registered Radiologic Assistants (RRAs)

All courses meet ARRT CE reporting requirements
All courses are accepted by ARDMS and NMTCB
All MRI courses accepted by ARMRIT
CAMRT and Sonography Canada recognize the Category A credit assigned to each of these courses by ASRT
Selected content approved for MDCB credit for Dosimetrist
All radiography courses meet California CE requirements by using ASRT number found on completion certificate
All courses meet Iowa, Illinois, Kentucky and Texas CE requirements by using ASRT number found on completion certificate
All courses 1 credit or more are approved in Florida


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